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  • Park District Program & Closure Updates

    To the members of the York Center Park District Community

    It has been seven weeks since the stay home order and program closures began. I hope you are safe and well, and doing what you can to take care of yourself and your loved ones during this unsettling time. We, the York Center Park District staff, are doing our part to fight the spread of this virus, maintaining social distance and being separate from one another.

    But with the arrival of springtime, I am reminded that there is still beauty to be found. Like you, I have learned of stories of love, hope, care, and resiliency, all inspired by this global crisis.

    Recently you may have seen our marketing efforts for programs scheduled for this summer. These posts have been made on Facebook and our website which will have our full summer brochure posted there soon.

    Our plans for summer are always made far in advance to allow us time to design and deliver high quality recreational programs and experiences. On Facebook we made posts with dates for programs that were all set long before this crisis occurred, and we remain hopeful that these programs will still go forth.

    However, we also need to take this time to recognize that it is likely that many of the summer programs will be delayed or cancelled. Moving forward, all our summer programs will have start dates “To be determined”. And when our programs resume, we will be following the guidance from the CDC and IDPH to the letter.

    This moment in history has brought with it a level of uncertainty and unpredictability that makes planning for the months ahead a challenge. We will continue to do our best, and please understand that our efforts will necessarily be tentative and adaptive.

    I look forward to the days when we can all share our recreational experiences in person again at our parks and facilities.

    Scott Nadeau
    Executive Director
    York Center Park District

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